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October 2008  

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04:42am 08/07/2008
"When things happen to people, they radiate a light. Because they have a picture caught inside them. Because they were there and you weren't. And because you only got a piece. And because all you can do is shrink and blow up that one tiny piece." Tracey Berkowitz

The Tracey Fragments
I just watched this and IDEK.
I have never seen anything, any film, like this. EVER. The editing alone is captivating. Ellen Page is stunning. And the story, the story is so fucking bizarre. It was apparently shot in only 14 days, but took over 9 MONTHS to edit. I don't recall even one scene where there were less then 3 different fragments. All showing different views and emotions and pictures ALL demanding attention. Very overwhelming.

It's rated R for good reason, and this film is definitely NOT for everyone. Some people are going to hate it. But I'm still totally recommending it. Especially to all you creative videographers!!

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09:21am 08/07/2008 (UTC)
wild with hope: [ellen page] cycle
OH MY GOD. I AM ALREADY BLOWN AWAY. is it out right now? when does it come out? and do you mean you watched the whole film or just the trailer? I LOVE ELLEN PAGE. AND THIS LOOKS LIKE THE PERFECT FILM FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS ADD. and it looks like the type of thing you could watch over and over again and STILL find new things to pick up on or see. OH MY GOD IT LOOKS SO AWESOME.
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10:27am 08/07/2008 (UTC)
it's technically released tomorrow or in like 3.5 hours when blockbuster opens...
we get the rentals a few days before they are out on the shelves so we can recommend them and actually know what we're talking about.
this is most definitely THAT kind of film! i could watch it again right now! its ridiculously captivateing. there is so much going on all at the same time and some of it is "real" and some is just in her mind and you have to figure out which is which and... yeah. it was great.
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10:48am 08/07/2008 (UTC)
wild with hope
oh so it's not going to a theater anywhere? they're just releasing it on video? ill have to look for it!
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11:22am 08/07/2008 (UTC)
wild with hope
also! did you see this -

As part of the promotion for the Canadian release, the distributor released all of the original footage as downloadable torrent files and encouraged people to re-edit the footage into whatever they saw fit. This is believed to be the first theatrically-released film to make its footage available in such a fashion. Entries ranged from music videos to a complete re-edit of the film in linear order, without split screens.

I could fucking CRY at how awesome that is, that they would let their footage out like that. People like FOX go and throw hissy fits when people make music videos of their shows, but these people are willingly PROVIDING it and ENCOURAGING it and it is so amazing.
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10:46pm 08/07/2008 (UTC)
jennifer.rae.: edelstein
I think there was a premier showing in Europe a while back for a film festival, then it was straight to video. Go rent it! lol i tried to burn/rip it but my poor laptop has almost NO disk space... i'll have to get one of those portable drives before we get the SSN4 dvds for sure!
And I did read that about the torrents and stuff, but i didn't really get it (might have been the fact that it was 5am) but I get it now!!
That is crazy amazing that they WILLINGLY gave the footage out to people! OMG a complete re-edit of the film would be right weird to see.
Totally tooting the Canadian horn!!
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02:22am 09/07/2008 (UTC)
wild with hope
OH, fuck renting it, I totally bought it! And I just watched it and was BLOWN. THE HELL. AWAY. WITH THAT EDITING. BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS THAT WAS AND HOW LONG IT TOOK AND I AM JUST SO SO IMPRESSED WITH THEIR DISCIPLINE AND ARTISTIC VISION AND SKDJFHAJKSLDF. The story, the ending bothered me sort of but I think it was only because I wanted more. I am so reccing it to my flist later. I'm upset I missed that contest though, it would have been so fun to do. I watched the ones they put on the dvd, the finalists and some of them impressed me but a couple didn't and I wish I could have had a shot. I SO love them for doing that though, that's just so amazing to me. AND ELLEN PAGE. WAS FUCKING AMAZING. I HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR HER.
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06:32am 09/07/2008 (UTC)
jennifer.rae.: Mia
BAHAHA i love that you bought it!!
See I KNEW you'd get it. and appreciate it and understand the complete genius of their vision!!
Yeah, the ending, it just kinda fades away. And the audience is stuck thinking WTF? and filled with so many emotions of confusion and sympathy and that line... "I'll never stop searching. I have to find him. No one can stop me." or whatever the exact quote is... just. DAMN I loved it. SO FUCKING UNIQUE. I've never seen a film done like that, I've seen a few, VERY few, fanvids done with fragments but nothing to this extent!!
And fuck. I never even thought to go through the special features. How exciting would it be to have your creation on that dvd?! Maybe this "vision" will catch on, and start a new fad, and other companies will pull the sticks out of their asses and give creativity a shot, and stop fussing over copyright laws!!
YES!! ELLEN IS SO FUCKING TALENTED!! This role was ridiculous, and she NAILED IT!! I really need to watch it again, I feel like I missed something, idk.
Fuck. I'm so psyched you enjoyed it Liss!!

picword: Mia
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